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Daughters of Utah Pioneers
Washington County, Utah

Museum is located at: 145 North 100 East, St. George, UT 84770


HOURS:  OPEN DAILY 10 AM TO 5 PM Closed Wednesday, Sunday and some Holidays

3rd Weekend Event Calendar
Saturdays 10 AM to Noon

  21 January 2017 - Weaving on Gardner Loom

  18 February 2017 - Handwork Demonstrations

  18 March 2017 - Music and Pioneer Instruments

  15 April 2017 - Quilting Demonstrations

  20 May 2017 - Pioneer Food and Preparation

Summer Event Calendar

  1 June 2017 - 31 August 2017

Historic St George LIVE

​​​​The McQuarrie Memorial Museum is open to the public and admission is free.  The Museum is owned and operated by the three Washington County Companies of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP); Washington, Washington East and Washington West.

The objective of the organization of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers is to preserve our pioneer heritage and to honor the names and memories of those pioneers who came to Utah prior to May 10, 1869.  To reach our objective, we desire to educate our community, visitors and especially our children about the pioneers who settled what is now called Washington County.

Tours are available for family and friends.  If you want a special tour for a group, it can be arranged.


We are proud to list the sponsors whose funding have provided signs, printed materials and other necessary projects.  Thank you for your support!!

  • Utah Dept of Heritage & Arts
  • Utah Arts & Museums
  • St George City RAP Tax
  • Washington County RAP Tax
  • St George Convention and Tourism

WASHINGTON WEST COMPANY CONVENTION - Thursday, April 20, 2017 PM - Snow Canyon Stake Ctr  

3rd Weekend Event


Saturday, January 21, 2017
10 AM to Noon
Museum Room 4

  Sandy Sandberg, a master weaver and spinner will bring to life the “Gardner Loom” to show    what it took to make rugs for use in homes and businesses.

  The Robert and Lenora Gardner family will be highlighted with stories about their struggle to    survive and their impact on local community developments.

 Histories, Artifacts and Photos can be found throughout the museum and copies are available  for purchase.