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The McQuarrie Memorial Museum is owned and operated by the three Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP) Companies in Washington County, Utah.  Approximately 200 women members volunteer their time to manage and maintain the facility and serve as Docents to visitors from around the world. 
Through the generous donation of Hortense McQuarrie Odlum, the Museum was built in 1938 to house pioneer relics, photos and histories of those stalwart people who came to settle Southern Utah under the direction of Brigham Young beginning in mid-1850.  June 17, 1938, the day of the Museum's dedication, a day involving nearly all city and religious dignitaries, as well as most members of DUP in Washington County.  For the DUP to have its own building to preserve the precious remembrances of the early settlers was a dream come true.  Several full pages were published in the local newspaper heralding the event and thanking Hortense McQuarrie Odlum for donating the funds to have the Museum constructed.  Donations contributing to the large collection within the walls of the Museum came, and still come, from descendants of those pioneers who lived and worked in this harsh area. 

The collection of histories and all photos and artifacts have been digitized and are available on CDs for a small fee.  For a listing of available histories click here, photos click here., or artifacts click here.  Click on the link for histories of past DUP Members,local sites click here and other histories. For more information regarding Genealogy and Histories in Washington County, click here. There are a few pamphlets, books and other items for sale to the public.  The book of which we are most proud is "Under the Dixie Sun".  This book was originally written in 1950, with an update in 1978.  The members of DUP in Washington County researched many long hours to gather information regarding the history of each of the early settlements in the area.  The contents of this book have been frequently used and referenced by others seeking to learn of the backgrounds of the various communities.  The book is a wonderful addition to anyone's library who desires to gain a greater understanding of the struggles and triumphs in this "Dixie" mission.  A full index of all names in the book has been completed as is available at the Museum.. For those who purchase the book, a CD is inserted.  A separate CD can be purchased for $5.00 by those who already have a copy of the book. Anyone desiring to download the index, go to next page, "Under Dixie Sun index."
Admission is Free! 
All visitors are welcome and admission is free.  We invite all to come spend as much time as desired to relive the days of those who wouldn't give up in making this area "blossom as a rose".  Group tours can be arranged for day or evening hours, contact 435-628-7274 or email 
"Under Dixie Sun" Index
Jeanine Vander Bruggen has created an Index for the "Under Dixie Sun" book.  This is a great cross-reference for those looking for pioneer ancestors who are mentioned in the book.  The index CD is available for sale in the Museum for $5.00 for those who just want the index.  For those who desire to purchase the book, a CD is included in the purchase price of $35.  We have a printed copy of the index in the Museum readily available to patrons desiring to review the book.  This book is a wonderful resource for learning the history of the early settlements and pioneers of Washington County, Utah.
Here is a link to a pdf file of the index Click here.

We have many handmade items for sale at the Museum plus great historical reference books.  The handmade items are donated by the Daughters from the Camps and are very unique and fun!  If you are going on Trek, check out our Bonnets and Aprons!!

Under Dixie Sun is a great book and a must have addition to your library of historical reference.  It sells for $25 which is a great bargain.  Come to the museum to see what we have or call to place an order.

McQuarrie Memorial Museum

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